Auditor & Commissioner of Elections

Calhoun County Auditor 
416 Fourth Street, Suite 1 
Calhoun County Courthouse
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579
Phone: (712) 297-7741  email

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Calhoun County Auditor are as follows:

Election and Voter Registration

  • Commissioner of all regular and special elections in the County 
  • Acts as receiving clerk for nomination papers and public measures to be placed on the ballot 
  • Prepares ballots and supplies for all elections in the county
  • Maintains Voter registration records and prepares lists of qualified voters for each election
  • Conducts training for precinct election officials

Real Estate, Taxation

  • Keeps records of all property ownership in the county 
  • Determines tax rates and property taxes for all taxable property based on valuations and verified local budgets


  • Receives and compiles budget information from the various county departments as approved by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Monitors county budget throughout fiscal year
  • Acts as a relay for other local budgets filed with the state

Accounts Payable and Receivable

  • Keeps ledger accounts of all revenues and expenditures of the county
  • Receives claims for payment from various departments, prepares list for Board of Supervisors, issues payment for claims approved by board


  • Keeps all wage and withholding records for county employees 
  • Receives Time Cards 
  • Computes Wages 
  • Generates and distributes payroll checks 
  • Prepares W2's and quarterly and also health insurance, annuities, and retirement -IPERS Reports.

Clerk to Board of Supervisors

  • Prepares the agenda 
  • Post Agenda on web site 
  • Attends all board meetings, keeps and records minutes
  • Publishes the proceedings in the official county newspapers


  • Prepares drainage notices and road notices for publication and drainage assessments 
  • Files and records all plats, profiles, and other papers relating to drainage districts


  • Keeps and records monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of county officers and township clerks and trustees


  • Sells, on behalf of the State of Iowa, permits for beer, liquor, and cigarette sales by businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county