Board of Supervisors


Duties of Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors consists of three members serving four years each, one qualifying every two years, no two of whom shall be from the same district.

The Board of Supervisors is the legislative body of the county, and the following are some of its important duties and powers:

  • Meet every Tuesday and other days for budgets
  • Serve on appointed boards and committees
  • Selects official newspapers and causes official publications
  • Conducts Matrix hearings
  • Approves reports of County Officials
  • Establishes and vacates public highways
  • Allows claims against the County and orders same paid
  • Fills vacancies of County Officials, except members of its own body
  • Constitutes as drainage board of trustees for drainage districts of the county
  • Makes official canvass of the votes of the county for Primary, General, City, School, and Special Elections

Vacancies in the Board of Supervisors are filled by appointment made by the County Auditor, Treasurer, and Recorder, or by petition.