Calhoun County Engineer

Snow plow 1

Sign installation  
416 Fourth Street, Suite 7
Calhoun County Courthouse
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579
Phone: (712) 297-8322
Fax: (712) 297-5143

Ditch clean out, road build up 1
Nick Buse:
County Engineer
Michael Moeller: Assistant to County Engineer/Zoning 
Marty Geno: Assistant to County Engineer 
B. J. Musselman: Maintenance Superintendent
Shelly Bleam: Office Manager 
Kady Miller: Office Assistant

Road Closures Link

Moving Permit
Above Ground Utility Permit 

Underground Construction Permit

Responsibilities of the Engineer's Office/Secondary Road Department
Maintenance and Construction of all County Roads
Intake & Tile Line Repair in Road Right of Way (Ditch) 
Entrances to fields and residences in rural Calhoun County
Underground & Above Ground Construction Permits in Road Right of Way
Moving Permits on County Roads
Maintenance of signs in Road Right of Way
Snow Removal on County Roads

G.P.S. Survey Control