COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID Vaccinations are available and require an appointment. Please call ahead to schedule your new COVID vaccination. We only have SPIKEVAX (Moderna). These are no longer free and will be billed through insurance. If you do not have insurance, please call for information on who can provide those. Flu vaccines are available seasonally as well. Check our Facebook page or current papers for the most recent schedule. 

To sign up please call the office at 712-297-8323. If you have a site or business you would like to see a clinic come to please contact us. 

Testing is now available at most clinics, pharmacies and many discount stores. Check with your insurance to  see if they cover the cost of purchasing the kits. 

If you want to review the information for each vaccine, they can be viewed here Moderna Information Sheet, VSafe,  Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Information Sheet , Pfizer Information Sheet